1. Why the subscription packages are only available in 90/180/360 Day Packages?

A. Based on your subscriptions we procure additional high quality cattle and augment our capacities. Hence we require a minimum commitment from our customers to ensure consistent supply of high quality milk. 

2. Why it takes 15 days to start of delivery after order placement?

A.  Our high quality milk is highly in demand and hence our production of milk always runs at full capacity. To allow us to serve new customers we constantly procure high quality cattle in batches and the process takes upto 15 days, hence require time to start delivery for new customers.


3. I am not available for a few days how can I pause (Temporarily stop delivery) my subscription?

A. We understand you might want to pause your daily delivery of milk when you are not available, please ensure you contact our support when you are away at-least 24 hours in advance and we will ensure we take care of the rest. Your subscription will be extended automatically by number of days you have opted not to receive your delivery.


4. Can I cancel my Subscription?

A. We are committed to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction, we will ensure we do everything necessary to ensure we match your expectations. In any-case you want to cancel your subscription you are free to do so within 15 days of your first delivery, absolutely no Questions Asked.   You can cancel your subscription by contacting our support.


5. How can I contact your Support?

A. You can contact us through one of the following modes:

Phone              : 9907-247-247

E-mail              : orders@mudunuru.com

Whatsapp         : 9907-247-247



6. What are the delivery charges?

A. Delivery to your doorsteps is FREE.


7. How do I Pay?

A. You can pay online through our App or Website or cash to our Executive.


8. Is the Milk Fresh?

A. Yes, absolutely. Our milk is milked and rushed to your doorstep to ensure fresh milk delivery to you. It is the freshest milk you can get in Visakhapatnam. Unless you own your own cattle at your home!


9. How long does the milk last?

A. Since we deliver pure raw milk, we request you to boil STIR the milk immediately after you receive the same to help eliminate the bacteria that can spoil the milk.


10. Milk you delivered is spoilt/curdled, what can I do?

A. We deliver raw milk and ensure all care is taken to keep the milk cool all the way from our Dairy farms to your door steps. As we streamline our process, should you receive any milk that is spoilt/curdled upon heating, do notify us immediately, and we will ensure to deliver additional replacement quantity on the next delivery to you with absolutely no additional charge. This will also help us to understand additional care to be taken from our end to ensure good quality milk reaches you every time.